Muscle Mass Group Training Program

Are you single? Are you looking to attract all the HOT girls?

It’s time to pull out the dumbbells, hop on the treadmill and break a sweat! If you want to attract the HOT girls, you’re gonna have to look HOT yourself!

YouTube is filled with “yahoos” doing crazy, dangerous stunts, so don’t try those at home folks. Half your buddies don’t know how to train the right way, so stop listening to them. Don’t copy people in the gym who don’t have a clue as to what they are doing.

Learn from the people who have the proper education!

Train for FREE using your company’s Health Insurance Plan

  • This 14 week MASS Building Program is designed to get you pumping iron the right way, the safe way and the easiest way to start seeing results FAST!
  • Learn how to lift weights properly so that you preserve your muscles, ligaments and joints and understand how to achieve total isolation. Don’t wake up one day with tennis elbow or tendinitis in the shoulder.
  • Learn how to eat healthy and properly to put on MASS effectively, yet naturally. Understand food and how to fuel your body before, during and after your workouts.
  • Understand supplements. Why you or should not take them. Find out which ones are safe, natural and which ones are not.
  • Group, couple or private one on one. Home Training, Corporate, or at your gym!

Muscle Mass Builders Group Training Program – 14 weeks = $499.99 plus tax
(includes access to Physical Park Gym in Vaudreuil, 4 phase muscle mass building program, nutrition tracking, meal planning, before and after measurements and pictures and free health assessment)


I have been training seriously for approximately 1 ½ years now.  I have managed to loose weight and reduce my body fat percentage from 24% to 11%.  I had reached a point where my personal objectives had changed from loosing weight and getting back in shape to wanting to gain muscle mass.  I found that gaining muscle mass using the techniques and knowledge I had at that point was not working.  I had spoken to Sherry about my desire to work on gaining mass and she informed me that she was going to start a group training program focused on mass building.  I joined the group and started the 14 week program in the fall of 2010.

Here is what I have gained from this experience:

  • The team training concept was motivating and help me surpass myself during training sessions
  • The program itself was fun and very educational.
  • The different phases of the program allowed me to build up my capacity to lift heavier weights, thus contributing to building muscle mass
  • The nutritional information was not only very useful, but essential to gaining lean muscle mass
  • I can truly say that I would not have achieved the same results without this program:
  • I gained 5 lbs of pure muscle in 14 weeks, going from 145 lbs to 150 lbs while maintaining 11% body fat

I gained …

  • 1 inch around my arms
  • 3 inches around my shoulders
  • ½ inch on my legs

I would like to thank Sherry for putting this program together and I would definitely suggest it to anyone who is looking to gain mass or who has reached a plateau in their training.

Alexandre Renaud

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